A missing tooth creates an unsightly gap in your smile. You might feel self-conscious about a missing tooth, but you should be aware that it can lead to more than cosmetic concerns. Your mouth functions as the doorway between your inner body and the outer world. Because of this connection, your oral and dental health connects closely with your whole-body wellness.

At Sunrise Dental of Moses Lake, our care team can help you find solutions for missing teeth before more serious problems arise. You have a variety of restorative dentistry treatment options available to resolve the issue and make your smile whole again. We advise patients not to wait if they have a missing tooth due to the serious complications that can occur if the gap remains for too long.

The connection between your teeth and your health

Your mouth functions best when all your teeth are present and correctly aligned. If you have missing teeth, your oral health begins over time to degrade. If you take steps to repair or replace your missing tooth, you can avoid this deterioration.

With an open gap in your smile, your other teeth are likely to start to shift, coming out of correct alignment and damaging your bite. Your risks for oral problems like tooth decay and gum disease increase, making problems for your oral hygiene routines.

An empty socket can also threaten the integrity of your jawbone. Over time, your jawbone shrinks around the empty site, becoming sunken. You may begin to suffer from receding gums as your jawbone shrinks.

Missing teeth don’t just impact your oral health. Your mouth allows bacteria to enter your body, passing into the bloodstream. Harmful buildups of bacteria are more likely to form in the spaces left by missing teeth. Increased oral bacteria raise your risk of several serious conditions, including heart disease. It also increases risks for premature birth if you are or might become pregnant.

Take prompt action to prevent future problems

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for missing teeth to begin to threaten your overall health. At Sunrise Dental of Moses Lake, we offer a full range of dental services and can help you put together the best plan for restoring your oral health and repairing your smile. With restorative procedures like dental implants, we can protect you from the adverse risks of missing teeth.

To schedule an initial consultation with a member of our experienced and compassionate staff, led by RJ Henneberg, DDS, Filip Orban, DDS, and Rachel Deininger, DDS, contact Sunrise Dental of Moses Lake today. You can book your appointment by calling our Moses Lake or Moses Lake Valley offices today.