Restore Your Health With

Oral Surgery

You can have many oral surgeries in the familiar environment of your regular dentist’s office. We offer procedures like dental implants and extractions in the comfort of our Moses Lake, Washington, clinic. Our established expertise in restorative and cosmetic dental procedures allows you that convenience. If you’re due for oral surgery, call or book an appointment online at our convenient Sunrise Dental location.

What Oral Procedures Are Considered Surgery?

Any procedure requiring your dentist to work below the gumline is considered surgery. The dentists at Sunrise Dental are qualified to perform many oral surgeries right in their dentist’s chair. For more complex cases, they may refer you to an oral surgeon.

Examples of dental surgery include:

  • Impacted teeth, typically wisdom tooth extraction
  • Dental implants
  • Unequal jaw adjustments
  • Jawbone grafts
  • TMJ joint repair

What Happens During Surgery? Am I Awake?

Dr. Bryce Holmes uses a variety of anesthetics to make your experience as pain-free as possible. He uses local anesthetics to numb your mouth and oral sedatives to relax those with dental anxiety.

You won’t need general anesthesia for the types of surgery Sunrise Dental performs. You’ll be conscious during your surgery, but some oral sedatives make people so relaxed they fall asleep. The dentists at Sunrise Dental do everything they can to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

I’m Nervous About Oral Surgery. How Can I Prepare?

  • Practice Relaxation Techniques: Studies show exercises like deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation during the procedure may reduce anxiety.
  • Do Your Research: Knowing exactly what happens during the surgery may reduce some of your uncertainty. When you do your research, you can rest assured you’ve made the right decision for yourself.
  • Ask Your Dentist Questions: If it helps ease your mind, ask your dentist about anything making you apprehensive. You can also ask questions about their experience performing the surgery to make you feel like you’re in good hands.
  • Ask About Oral Sedation: Sunrise Dental offers oral sedation surgery to help you get into a state of relaxation. If you don’t have luck with other relaxation techniques, you can ask your dentist about sedation.
  • Bring In Support: If having a friend or loved one in the room with you helps ease anxiety, they’re certainly invited to accompany you. Many procedures require a ride home anyway, so this person can provide both company and transportation.

If you need to schedule routine oral surgery in the Moses Lake, Washington, area, get in touch with the dentists at Sunrise Dental.